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November 25, 2015: The Last Aid Station - "La Ruta & Iceman"


Dead season? Not at The Last Aid Station! Mark and Steve fill your ears with mountain biking news. They start off the show with news about team changes, then launch into a mini USAC discussion, catch up some housekeeping, and get you some race coverage on two large events, La Ruta and the Iceman Cometh. 


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November 24, 2015: Just Riding Along - "Special Episode: Guerrilla Gravity"


Matt and Andrea go on location at Guerrilla Gravity in Denver, Colorado. They chat with the owners of the fairly new and up-and-coming bicycle manufacturer. Check out the Guerrilla Gravity website HERE.


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November 23, 2015: The Last Aid Station - "2016 NUE Series"


This episode contains HUGE news about the 2016 NUE Series. It's a must listen if you're into endurance racing!


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November 21, 2015: The Being Dad Show - "Update & Daniel Byrd of Kids on Bikes"


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November 19, 2015: Trail Cast - "E-Bikes & Technical Trails"


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November 19, 2015: Just Riding Along - "Baby Animals"


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November 12 - Just Riding Along - "Foam"  They get caught up on what's new - Kenny was drinking and racing, Matt has a few rants and tells his story about attempting a back flip at a local indoor bike park, and Andrea headed to Fruita. After spending some time discussing a listener question, Kenny debuts his Best Worst Bike Ever.


November 11 - Inside MBR - "Fat Bike at the Barn"  Ben interviews Kent Adams, owner of Wild Cat Groomers, about the upcoming Fat Bike at the Barn fundraiser in Cable, Wisconsin. They discuss Kent's history, fundraiser details, and some of what is happening in the area. Listeners gain a little insight into the plans and goals of the area groups and volunteers to create 40-50 miles of groomed winter singletrack. The snow will be flying soon, so listen in!


November 10 - The Last Aid Station - "November Update"  Mark and Steve are on a roll and bringing you a ton of mountain bike racing news, updates, and general discussion. This episode is no exception. It's absolutely packed with mountain bike racing ear candy. You'll hear discussion about the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek, UCI Marathon Series, Great Lakes Fatbike Series, Lutsen 99er, Pisgah Double Dare & Single Dare, Baja 100k, Iron Cross, Croc Trophy, and Brasil Ride. Plus, the guys hit on some extra topics, including traveling to races, night riding, fatbikes, and Zwift.


November 9 - The Apex Nutrition Podcast - "Magnesium - Are You Deficient?"  In this episode, Kelli discusses magnesium deficiency. What are the symptoms? Have you been experiencing low energy? Should you consider supplementing with magnesium? Can you make your own magnesium "oil"? Kelli answers these questions and more to help you get moving again.


November 6 - Just Riding Along - "Andrea is Busy"  Kenny and Matt lead out the show with some chatting about recent happenings and then they get into several listeners questions. Kenny won a Brompton at Interbike and didn't tell anyone and Matt wants to tear around on it. Plus plenty more. How are singlespeeders so fast? How do you fix race anxiety?


November 5 - Trail Cast - "Autumn Leaves"  Drew gives you some information and thoughts of how to handle trails in the fall. Do you have a lot of leaves on and around your trails? Have you wondered if it's better to rake them or leave them on the ground? Why even worry about it? Drew shares his perspective on leaves as a trailbuilder. He wraps up the episode with some thoughts on technical trail and some interesting writing.


October 31 - Just Riding Along - "Double Down Part 1B"  Is it sexist? The gang is bringing the content and you're the lucky listeners. Matt is going to start showing his ass. Does that make you uncomfortable? Matt gives a good update on where the show is headed, Tinder is discussed, and they go into some discussion about parts, wheels, cranks, and more.


October 31 - Just Riding Along - "Double Down"  Enjoy a double dose of Just Riding Along. In this first episode, Matt, Kenny, and Andrea bring you some technical discussion, as well as a lengthy session of answering listener questions. They also get a little honest on the rest of the cycling industry and throw some rants into the mix too.


October 29 - Apex Nutrition Podcast - "Nutrition Hacks"  Kelli shares 5+ nutrition hacks that will help you save time and stay healthy. Kelli has four young children, which has forced her to perfect her nutrition hacking skills through trial and error and allowed you to gain the benefits of her hard work and time. Listen in as she shares some ideas that can cut down your cooking time, as well as save you some money.


October 27 - Inside MBR - "Danielle Musto"  Danielle Musto joins the show to discuss her experience at the 2015 Marji Gesick 100, working with a new kids group called the Grand Rapids Dirt Dawgs, and how the Dirt Dawgs have changed her perspective on riding and life. Danielle shares some info about her race, gear setup, and offers some tips for anyone looking to race the Marji Gesick in 2016.


October 24 - The Last Aid Station - "October Update"  Mark and Steve check in with an update about a lot of different endurance racing topics, including Trans Iowa registration, fatbike races, and much more. They even chat about winter footwear options. Listen in to get caught up on the recent endurance news. Plus, the guys bring up a controversial issue.


October 20 - Just Riding Along - "The Diagram"  Kenny, Matt, and Andrea get down with the usual - listener questions and then chatting about bike stuff. Learn how to clean yourself in the parking lot and get the lowdown on the best graphic in MBR history.


October 17 - The Last Aid Station - "Keck Baker"  Mark interviews the 2015 National Ultra Endurance Series overall series champion, Keck Baker, about his training and racing. It's a great, in-depth interview that gives listeners an idea of what it takes for a "normal joe" to compete and win the NUE Series. He also shares some thoughts about his upcoming La Ruta. Keck is a down-to-earth and humble guy who has a great perspective on racing, training, and life.


October 12 - The Last Aid Station - "New Era - Part 2"  Mark and Steve wrap up the episode by discussing the Shenandoah 100 and the Fools Gold 100. Steve also shares some insights and a quick wrapup of the Chequamegon 40 and Mark explains his tough race.


October 11 - Just Riding Along - "Feedback Sports"  In this special episode, Matt is on location in Colorado with Lisa and Katie from Feedback Sports. Listen in as the discuss the new Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Trainer and other products and wrap up the episode discussing high school racing.


October 9 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio - "Todd Poquette"  Ben is joined by the director for the new and very popular Marji Gesick 100 (and 50) and the equally popular 906 Polar Roll fatbike race. Listen in as they chat about both races and what makes the Marquette riding so special.


October 8 - The Last Aid Station. "New Era - Part 1"  Mark is joined by his new co-host, Steve, to usher in a new era of The Last Aid Station. Listeners get a little rundown of who Steve is before they cover the latest endurance mountain biking news. Listen in to hear about their thoughts on shorter distance options such as Epic Rides, and detailed discussions about the Hampshire 100, Rincon Challenge 100, and more. The episode is split in to two parts, so be sure to check back soon.


October 7 - Just Riding Along. "Super Fan"  Matt is joined by Super Fan Jake and they hammer out a full show of answering listener questions. They discuss options for different full suspension bikes and budget considerations and then get into some cyclocross recap and chat about a recent ride in Colorado.


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